Saturday, February 19, 2011

20 Random Thoughts...

1. I love my family. They're hilarious. I love hanging out with them and playing games, and laughing together. I love learning from them. They're soooo dang smart.

2. I REALLY need to blog more. I've been slacking for far too long. I need to blog so I can keep a record of what goes on around here - for posterity's sake. And for sanity's sake.

3. I'm VERY blessed. I have AWESOME friends. They inspire me to do better. Be better. Contribute more.

4. I need to get more spiritual. I've been seriously slacking in that department.

5. My kids make me want to be a better Mom. Person. Friend. Wife. Daughter. Aunt. Human - everything.

6. I miss Meredith.

7. It's cool having my mom live so close. The kids love playing games with her, and it's nice having a grandma around for them. She's a really good influence on them. And me. Do you know she just up and went dancing all day long? She's 62! She saw an advertisement online that said the city of Austin was having free dance lessons for the day. She went dancing ALL DAY LONG - by herself. That's awesome. I told her to call me next time so we could go together.

8. My grandma Ruth turns 90 this year. We're celebrating with her for the 4th of July in Arizona. Seriously? July in AZ? Whose plan was THAT?

9. I took a trapeze class last month. It was awesome! I want to get really good at it and learn more tricks. It's terrifying standing up on the platform though. I've learned that if you squeeze your butt tight, the butterflies in your stomach go away.

10. I've been living in a construction zone for about 5 months. I cannot WAIT for my house to be finished so I can have some peace and quiet to get some OTHER projects done.

11. I want to take a photography class to figure out how to use all the fancy buttons and knobs on my new camera. Oh the fun I'm going to have!

12. I LOVE music. I love everything about it. Love lyrics the most. I'm always in search of the next best song that moves me. Sad, happy, thumping, spiritual - good stuff. Anything that makes me FEEL something.

13. I snorkeled for the first time last week. It was incredible! I panicked at first - breathing under water isn't normal. After I got the hang of it, I didn't want to stop. I learned that smiling underwater breaks the seal of the mask and mouthpiece - the mask fills up with water, and you choke on salt water. Lesson learned. No smiling or laughing under water!

14. Matt turns 16 next month. Holy Moly! He won't be able to get his license on his birthday, because he doesn't have his permit yet. He has to practice a LOT before we turn him loose. Yikes.

15. Sydney and Rylee come in our bedroom every morning at 6:00 - 6:15 am to snuggle with Del and I. They take turns switching sides. It's my FAVORITE part of the day. I hope they never grow out of it.

16. It's really weird when your old babysitters have babies of their own. Makes me feel ancient. Rebecca has FOUR of her own - I taught her how to drive a stick-shift in the old JEEP when I'd take her home, and Kristi gave Sydney her little scruffy dog that she still sleeps with, and she just had a baby of her own. Dude, I'm old!

17. My really old hotmail account keeps sending out spam to random people. I've tried closing the account at LEAST 20 times, and it keep regenerating itself. It's driving me INSANE! I get spam from MYSELF. Gah!

18. I have to substitute teach in Relief Society tomorrow, and I'm not making much progress. Instead, I'm playing on here.

19. Del is a pretty cool husband and Dad. I think we'll keep him. He's super smart, and funny and is always trying to do better than the day before. He's a really good listener, and can make some killer birthday cookies. His fried chicken is pretty fantastic too. He's awesome.'

20. Gotta start running again. Ick. Pain, here I come. :(


Betsy said...

I'll join you running. And I know you'll be awesome inRS tomorrow

Mhari said...

You are still alive in the blogging world! You always have so much fun. And you are lucky to have your mom here. Thanks for teaching for me BTW. Love ya!

Ruthy Butler said...

I'm going through looking at blogs and I thought why do I continue to look at Kristin's cause I know there won't be anything new on there! I was very surprised to see something new! Good job and keep it up!!!

Rebecca and Eric MantanoƱa said...

Yeah! I am so happy that I made your list! And so excited to see you start blogging again!

Jordan and Luci said...

I always check your blog to see if anybody else has updated there's. I was surprised to see a new post. So fun! Your mom is awesome. Oh and trapeze? Seriously? I want to see pictures of that. Are there any? Oh and I LOVE snorkeling. So fun!

Anonymous said...

. . . . . . . . . .